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Jim Hedrick
General Manager
Jim Hedrick grew up on a farm near Crawfordsville, IN and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Agriculture Education. His career has included roles as an agronomist, agronomy salesman, general manager and director of agronomy sales and marketing. Jim is a founding partner to Sagamore Ag Source. He and a small group of farmers wanted an alternative option when purchasing inputs. He is a Certified Crop Consultant and resides near Galveston, IN with his wife.

About Sagamore Ag Source, LLC
Sagamore Ag Source is an Ag supply consortium that was founded 3 years ago by Jim Hedrick and group of farmers who wanted alternative options when purchasing inputs. However, Sagamore Ag Source does not function like a traditional “buying group”! One key difference between Sagamore Ag Source and traditional buying groups is that Sagamore members are not required to buy through the group. The design of the group is to provide input market information to increase member buying power. The Sagamore model provides farmer members with products, services and market information to improve their purchasing effectiveness and competitive advantage.  

Sagamore Ag Source was formed in response to farmer request for better input market information and additional tools to manage their input volatility. Sagamore also provides market information to help members track product price and supply trends in the US and world marketplace. Growers who are interested in improving their input risk management through better market information and alternative access share a common interest with Sagamore membership.  

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Committed to help you make better buying choices!
Sagamore Ag Source works with a consortium of Ag businesses with one main goal:  helping our clients be successful with their farming operation.  Those businesses are comprised of Risk Management Commodities Inc., Ag Producers Insurance Agency Inc., and Horizon Ag Consulting. Together we believe we have tremendous knowledge about agriculture commodities and marketing, crop insurance, property and casualty insurance, agronomic needs and farm management needs.

Kelly Bilyeu
​Administration Manager

Kelly Bilyeu grew up in Reynolds, IN and graduated from Purdue with a BS degree in Retail Management- after 17 years in retail she decided to make a career move.  Kelly and her husband Joe  raise a few show pigs and enjoy helping with the local White County 4-H program.  Kelly has worked in the commodity trading office of Risk Management Commodities for the past 10 years and enjoys working with the farming community.