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Brian Reed
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Chuck Shelby
Pictures and quotes from the article "Where Knowledge is power" Farm Futures November 2012 article.  http://www.farmfutures-digital.com/farmfutures/201211/?pg=36&pm=2&u1=friend
Brian Reed a current member who operates a 2,100-acre corn and soybean operation near Galveston, IN says, "Bottom line, the group has enabled me to get $100-per-acre cost advantage over the other farmers in my area. That helps me to be more competitive in bidding for rent. I buy some inputs through the group, but more often, armed with Sagamore price quotes, I use the information to negotiate a price with my local suppliers."
Sagamore Ag Source, LLC takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations.
Chuck Shelby of Lafayette IN is a founding member of the group. Chuck states, "The whole design of our group was not to push the local retailer out. We say here is the information pricing through the group, and you can use it however you want."  
Sagamore Ag Source started in Indiana with just a few members and now has memberships in 6 states with slightly over 50 members. Membership is not limited to the size of the farm. Sagamore has members that farm as little at 1,000 acres and as much as 10,000 acres. Each member pays the same annual membership fee regardless of farm size. Sagamore Ag Source does not upcharge or keep any rebates. The membership fee is set to just cover cost. Sagamore Ag Source is set as a nonprofit company. We do not advertise and most members come by referral.  
We are proud of the work we do and would like to share a few testimonials from our clients:
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